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Anne Odden 

When my horse first started to express a dislike to fastening the girth, I called my then horse physio to check for pain, but nothing was found that could explain the changes. I then booked my saddler (master saddler) out to check the saddle which was flocked, and the gullet was changed. I was also advised to start using different saddle straps. The changes to the saddle made me feel like I was sitting on top of, rather than into the saddle, but I was informed the changes made would make my position feel different.

The ridden behaviour and girthing just got worse to the point my horse bit me when fasting the girth, something that is totally out of character for him.

I looked up alternative saddlers for a second opinion and selected Sarah Rymer. She found that the saddle was a good fit, the problem was it was overflocked to the point of being ‘rock hard’ and needed a complete strip out and new flocking. After this, I also decided to call out a different equine physio offering thermal imaging to check for areas of pain. This revealed that my horse’s withers and shoulders were very sore due to the saddle digging into them.

I am so glad I found Sarah and I recommend her 100%!

Sarah is now working with my new horse physio

Kathy Boyer

at KB Equine Treatment and me and my horse cannot thank them both enough for their help!

Lisa Claire Goodier

Sarah came to saddle fit my horse for the first time today, she is so lovely and friendly but very professional too. She spent a lot of time with us in the evaluation. I think I’ve learnt more about my horse than I knew before, her expertise is priceless. Thank you Sarah

Rebecca Brushby

Sarah came out to see my lad as I was having trouble with the fit of my dressage saddle and being a cob isn’t the easiest to fit. Sarah was fantastic really knowledgeable and saw what was happening with my saddle and sorted it no problem. Lovely lady wont use anyone else now and will recommend 100%. Thank you x

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