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We offer a full saddle fitting service, where a consultation with the horse and owner/rider will be undertaken. During  your consultation, consideration will be given regarding the horse’s type, conformation, condition, current workload and chosen disciplines.The rider and your horses requirements will be taken into account.

It is important to remember that horses regularly change shape, due to a variety of reasons such as workload, age, change of season and illness.

It is important to remember that a saddle can only be fitted to the horse as seen on the day.

 If you have an existing saddle, it can be assessed for fit and, if applicable, any problems can be corrected. Small saddle alterations can be carried out on site although full re-flocks and major adjustments will be carried out in our workshop. A selection of saddles can be brought to site and those most suitable for the horse will be available for you to ride on, allowing you to make a decision

.Please ensure when booking a fitting that the horse is clean and dry for the saddle fitter upon arrival, and that hard surface and lighting is available. A ridden assessment will also be required as part of the consultation. To complete this properly, a level riding surface will be required and jumps, if you require the saddle for jumping.


Saddle Assessment per horse is £60 plus milage.

Out of area fittings are subject to availability please contact us for further details.

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